Top 6 benefits of using a rowing machine

In this 21st century, a man faces various types of diseases and problems related to health. Out of these various diseases, obesity is a disease that is very common. We can easily find many different aged people with more weight almost in every country. They try many types of exercises using several types of exercising equipment for losing weight. A rowing machine is wonderful exercise equipment that provides the excellent cardio workout. The rowing machine is very safe, effective and convenient to use. The reason behind so much popularity of this incredible exercise machine is the vast number of benefits it provides.

rowing machine

Six benefits of using a Rowing machine

  1. Burn Adequate calories – On a statistic, it has been proved that rowing for 30 minutes burns about 200 calories. It means that if a person regularly uses the rowing machine for a month, he can burn about 6000 calories that seem quite a significant number. Burning of calories takes place at a rapid pace because of more contraction and expansion of muscles. The muscles of abdomen, arms and legs receive maximum benefits from various exercises of a rowing machine. Thus, one can get rid of extra calories by simply using the rowing machine
  2. Better functioning of Cardiovascular system – When a person uses a rowing machine, he receives effective increase in his heartbeat. This increase in the heart beat helps in more efficient blood circulation and improves his health status. Also various cardiac muscles strengthen a lot by performing an effective rowing. Due to all this things, the complete cardiovascular system of a person performs in a better way, and he gets free from several types of diseases.
  3. Build muscles – Rowing involves a particular technique that uses all upper and lower body muscles. A tremendous amount of impact is required to be carried by these various muscles so as to perform effective rowing. Due to this excessive stress, the fibres of the muscles get damaged. Then various types of nutrients, hormones and vitamins are used in repairing of muscle fibres. These nutrients and vitamins along with repairing also build the important muscles. The so much of mass is also added to various muscles. Thus, there is so much strengthening of several muscles is achieved by using the rowing machine.
  4. Tone muscles – It is very common that one can acquire effective muscle toning from the rowing machine because of involvement of so many muscles in a particular rowing activity. Rowing throws away the thick layers deposited on the muscles and helps muscle regain their natural shape. The legs, shoulders, arms, back region, abdomen and shoulders receive fantastic toning. This means that all body of an individual gets properly toned.
  5. Reduce stress – Yes, the rowing machine also helps in reducing stress and makes a person feel more energetic and fresh. Serotinin is a hormone that is secreted by various types of rowing exercise. This wonderful hormone helps in improvement of mood and alleviation of stress. Also, exercise makes you feel more confident and increase your personality and aims. Thus, rowing machine helps in getting rid of several negative thoughts and provides wonderful exercises.
  6. Convenient machine – The rowing machine is the very user-friendly machine. You can continue workout on this machine without caring for outside weather. So there can be no disturbance in regular workout schedule. A person who has various ankle and knee problems can also use this machine and acquire various benefits.


In summary, a rowing machine is an excellent machine that provides the effective aerobic workout. A person can not only burn effective calories by using the rowing machine but can also reduce the huge amount of stress from his head. Moreover, he can build effective muscle strength and have a better function of cardiovascular system. No doubt, the rowing machine is one of the best equipment presents in the gym for maintaining the fantastic shape of the body.

The 5 Best Beginner’s Exercises To Do At Home

Who do not want the best type of results with utmost easiness? People who think that only costly machines can help in losing weight are certainly wrong. No doubt machines provide splendid results, but people can also maintain their fitness without these costly devices. Today, a person not having very high money can also think of strengthening the core and make the attractive body shape.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fitness instructor, some exercises definitely offer marvelous results. For these exercises, you do not waste extra money or go to any other places. Want to know about them? Well, here are 7 best beginner’s exercises that can easily be performed at home:

  1. Press ups

Press ups

Most of the people call this exercise as push-ups. The position in which hands and shoulders are placed apart, and a straight line from head to heels is formed can be called as push-ups. If you think that beginner cannot perform accurate push-ups consistently then you are pretty wrong. One can start these low-intensity pushups by taking help from other professionals and move to high-intensity workouts after practising continuously for a week. This move provides maximum growth of entire body muscles especially abs and the core.

  1. Skipping


This easy workout also helps in burning a vast amount of calories. Simply by jumping over the rope, you can lose tons of weight. As much as 350kilo calories can be burned by performing skipping continuously for 30 minutes. Instead of costly machines, one also needs to purchase a decent rope for performing this exercise. No matter what is the size and weight, a person can surely use the rope and lose effective weight.

  1. Dumbbell Squats

Dumbbell Squats

You must be aware of squat, a strength training exercise. When squats are performed by using the dumbbell, they provide much more benefits. One can easily perform this exercise by holding the dumbbell in hands and incline time and again for 5 times. During this exercise, a person needs to focus on his/her knees, keep the head straight and straighten legs. According to requirements, you can select specific weight dumbbell and perform several workouts.

  1. Plank


Just like push-ups, we also have one strength building exercise, plank. This is the best exercise for improving the posture and sculpting the waistline. For performing the plank, you need to engage your core by using the belly and spine. After aligning shoulders and ankles in a straight line, hold this position for one minute. Repeat this activity for five times and you are done with the plank exercise. Along with the core, this exercise also works on abdominal muscles.

  1. Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Swings

This exercise works on the entire body. Whether a person is a beginner or an experienced trainer, he/she can easily become the master of this activity. A person only needs to the aligning chest in the upward direction and use the kettlebell. Then make the swinging movement. Repeat the entire activity for 5 times. This exercise strengthens the chest, biceps, and the abdomen. A beginner must use moderate weight tool for performing this exercise.


It is not necessary to go to the gym for starting an exercise program. A beginner can make the wonderful shape of the body by performing several easy exercises. A person does not need to have the massive strength for performing several press-ups. Dumbbell Squats are ideal for strength training and interval training. Kettlebell Swings offer full body cardiovascular workout.

Trampoline Vs. Rebounder: what’s the difference?

Rebounders usually called mini trampolines. The main factor which makes both differ from each other is shape and functions. Rebounders are smaller than a trampoline. People prefer trampoline for exercises such as acrobatics, stunts, gymnastic and rebounders are used for aerobic exercise. Same as a trampoline, rebounder also made with a steel frame. Rebounder does not bounce as perfect as a trampoline, and due to smaller in size, only one person can fit on a rebounder. The rebounder is ideal for light jumping and Trampoline delivers the highest bouncing experience. There are so many differences which make Trampoline differ from rebounder, so let us check all the differences between them.


Any age group can use a rebounder, and it is suitable for performing small movement exercise. You can perform jumping jacks, twists, running in place.  It is a small equipment that can fit in your house, lawn, garden and terrace also. In today’s busy life, we don’t get enough time for exercise and watching the morning news but think once that you are watching the news while doing your regular exercise on a rebounder. The Smart option, isn’t it? That means you are getting knowledge of current affairs, along with making yourself healthier. A distinct variety of health benefits is associated with rebounding exercise.

Benefits of Rebounding

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Boost lymphatic drainage
  • Improve digestion and lung function
  • Help in increasing bone density

Size and shape

Rebounders are smaller in size and lower in height and built for one person. It is about two to four feet in diameter. Rebounders are available in Circular to a rectangular shape, but circular shape rebounders are the first choice for buyers.

Safety purpose

Rebounders are safe because it is close to the ground, so if you lose balance, and fall then there is a little chance of getting injured. The rebounder is not for massive jumping so it is also an added advantage that you don’t need to worry about falling and you can easily get in since it is close to the ground.


Rebounders don’t need much technical support, and they are easy to maintain. You can shift it anywhere according to your preference and once you bought it, after that you don’t need to splurge money in installation and to hire a professional for installing it, unlike trampoline.


One can use trampolines for jumping exercises. Trampolines are designed for gardens and larger areas. Since they are bigger in size, they need extra maintenance. Two types of trampolines are competitive and recreational. It is best for performing acrobatic. Kids mostly use trampolines. Multiple people can workout together on the trampoline.

Benefits of trampoline

  • Improve mental health
  • Help in increasing metabolism
  • Lose weight in a fun way
  • Improve the functioning of immune system
  • Increase oxygen circulation

Size and shape

Trampolines are available in so many shapes from circular to rectangular and oval to square, but circular shape trampolines are in mostly used due to its circular shape it provides the right bounce. It is usually being 3-4 feet above the ground and comes in 5-6 feet in diameter size.

Safety purpose

Trampolines can be dangerous because it is 3-4 feet above the ground and it provides a good bounce so chances of falling is a major concern while performing in trampoline. Kids mostly use it, so it is necessary for parents to take care of their children from not getting injured. You have to take the support of a ladder to get in trampoline.


Trampolines take extra maintenance. You may need the expert for installing it since it is bigger in size so you can’t move it from one place to other. There is also a risk of getting rust in rainy days. So you also take extra care of your trampoline on rainy days.


Trampoline and rebounder both have their functions and benefits. The most important thing is, for what purpose you need it because they both possess different qualities. Rebounders are good for one person, and it can shift anywhere, and on the other hand, trampolines are perfect for multiple people, and since it is bigger in size, you can install it in your garden. Rebounder comes in a range of starting $30 to $700, and trampoline comes in a range of $100 to $1000. Both provide health benefits in their ways. So stay healthy and fit by opting either trampoline or rebounder.

Exercise bikes!.Thread discussing Exercise bike

An exercise bike is a very popular tool for performing effective workouts. The exercise bike is a very safe and convenient tool to use. Different types of exercise bikes have been designed according to person’s height, weight, size and budget. So, an individual may choose a particular bike that suits his or her body and then start exercising. Many benefits can be achieved by riding an exercise bike. On the other hand, there are also some limitations of this particular bike in comparison to other exercise tools.


Types Of Exercise Bikes

  1. Recumbent Bike – The recumbent bikes involves a reclined body position for performing the operation. These bikes have larger seats and pedals positioned in front of the body. Using this bike continuously for the longer period, a person can reduce fatigue and perform efficiently. These bikes are comfortable for the people who have lower back problems. There is no need of bending your head or back because of the presence of naturally comfortable seats in these bikes.
  2. Upright Bike – The second type of bikes i.e. upright bikes need an upright position of the body for performing exercises. These bikes are designed with smaller seats and pedals placed under the body. A person enjoys cycling in inclined body position in these bikes, and so produces tiredness. These bikes are less comfortable for the people who have neck pain issues. Also, the more resistance of these bikes makes them less attractive bikes.

exercise cycle

Pros Of Exercise Bikes

  1. The exercise bikes are much cheaper than treadmills or ellipticals and cost around $600.
  2. The persons who have knee or back pain problems can easily use exercise bikes as these bikes offer very less impact.
  3. Riding an exercise bike is an aerobic exercise that provides energy and makes the heart and lungs function better.
  4. A person can read a book or a magazine and can also use the exercise bike and maintain the fitness of the body.
  5. The monitor used on the bikes helps to track your daily progress and make you aware that how much more you have to do for excellent results.
  6. Exercise bikes can also be used inside the home there is a bad weather out. Also, you can use these bikes at any time no matter whether it is day or night.
  7. A person can perform interval workouts using the exercise bike and get the best results as well.
  8. There is no need of wearing a helmet or being extra aware of your surroundings while using an exercise bike, since you will be cycling indoors. Here you can also read about mountain bikes .

Cons Of Exercise Bike

  1. Riding an exercise bike burns fewer calories than running on a treadmill as in comparison to 236 calories burned using the treadmill only 148 calories are burned by using an exercise bike.
  2. The exercise bike does not offer bone building benefits as a person is in sitting position while exercising on it.
  3. The exercise bikes only provide fitness to your lower body muscles, unlike ellipticals that offer full body workouts.
  4. Sitting down on an uncomfortable seat of an exercise bike is not liked by many persons.
  5. Sometimes the monitor would not be working properly and giving inaccurate readings.
  6. There is less amount of resistance that is on offer by exercise bikes over treadmills.
  7. The exercise bikes are steady bikes and allow activities with almost no resistance so a person is not able to make good muscle strength and cannot take the experience of exercising in hills.
  8. Sometimes exercising on a bike can be a boring activity as the scene never changes.


Some Tips for using an exercise bike –

  1. Select a bike that suits you best according to your size, height, weight and some pains.
  2. Adjust the seat properly before exercising.
  3. Adjust the pedal straps properly.
  4. Try to use both toes and feet for pedalling.
  5. Make a proper schedule and exercise according to it.


In summary, an exercise bike is a fantastic machine for carrying out various exercises. Different bikes have their characteristics and so are beneficial for different persons. Any individual may use an exercise bike and burn calories, but as only lower body muscles are used in riding these bikes, they will burn fewer calories as compared to treadmills or ellipticals.

Mountain Bikes vs Indoor cycles

Cycling is an awesome pastime and a great form of exercise. Whether you choose to cycle indoors or outdoors, you’re still reaping immense benefits. However, there are many obvious differences between the indoor cycling experience and the outdoor cycling or mountain biking experience. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of both indoor and outdoor cycling.

moutain bikes

The Pros and Cons of Mountain biking and Indoor Cycling

If you’re a cycling enthusiast, chances are that you love cycling outdoors, but you might also like to keep and indoor cycle for a rainy day or just to get in some extra practice. When you cycle on a bike outdoors, resistance to your pedaling comes in the form of wind resistance, the friction of tires on the road, the mechanical energy required to turn the wheels, and the terrain. You can read a very detailed article on mountain bike reviews here.

Some indoor exercise bikes use friction for resistance as well. The best indoor cycling machines utilize magnetic resistance along with a heavy flywheel. Because of this consistency and the nature of user-controlled resistance, different muscle groups are affected when using an indoor cycle as opposed to an outdoor bicycle. Read more to know about power rack with lat attachment .

Mountain Biking on cross country trails which have many ups and downs as well as biking outdoors on the road uses more muscles and so burns more overall calories than an indoor bike over a given period of time. Biking outdoor also has its own charm that is not available to an indoor biking session. When you’re cycling through scenic routes with the wind in your face and all the sounds of nature around you, you lose track of your exercise for many moments and develop an intimate connection with your surroundings. It’s a whole different experience from sitting inside the comfort of your living room or garage and just pedaling away. However, indoor biking does have its advantages, even though it may not offer the same thrill that mountain biking offer.


During a typical indoor cycling class, such as spinning, it is common for participants to maintain a heart rate 75 to 95 percent of the maximum, which is very good. However, this mostly due to the motivation from a good instructor and the competitive atmosphere that is created with peers in the class. If you’re cycling alone in your house, you may or may not find the same levels of motivation to cycle close to your peak heart rate. Nonetheless, indoor bikes do provide a great platform to get in an awesome workout while doing what you love. Spin bikes are cheap and one of the best choice of people who likes to spend time at home. So you can buy the spin bikes by reading the latest reviews online.

Serious cyclists and professional cyclists can easily get their heart rate as high and even higher than those in a cycling class. But most recreational cyclists are not in to paddle as they hard as they can for as they can. They would rather enjoy the experience and paddle when required or when they want to rather than paddle hard the whole time. For this reason, a recreational cyclist may not get as a hard as a workout as someone in a spin class.


Another advantage of cycling outdoors is that the perceived exertion of exercise is lower because the mind is occupied with the thrill of the experience and so the cyclist might not realize how hard he has paddled till he stops for rest. This can translate in greater benefits from training as opposed to indoor cycling. You can also avail the mountain bikes under different pricing according to your requirements.


You’re going to get a great workout with both indoor and outdoor and cycling. If you’re not into hard outdoor riding and have to deal with lots of traffic, riding a stationary bike is likely a better choice. However, if you’re committed to becoming a serious outdoor cyclist and have lots of open country around you, cycling outdoors get you best results.

Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

The power rack is perhaps the most complete and powerful muscle building tool on the market. Now, you might be sitting back and wondering what in the world is a power rack? If you are pondering that question, well then, you’re about to be enlightened about the all time favorite muscle building tool of all legendary body builders and power lifters in the history of competitive lifting and body building. Power racks have been around since the old days of body building when the gym was a place of grit and grim and there were very few machines available.

Today, gyms are a whole different ball game. The power rack is mostly absent from several modern gyms and in its place the smith machine (or Smithsonian machine) has gained popularity. Perhaps the foremost reason for this change is the modern fitness enthusiasts aversion to the concept of “no pain, no gain” and his unshakable attachment to comfort and the short-cut to success. The entire fitness industry, which has grown exponentially over the past few decades has shaped a new idea of fitness and crafted new machines that mimic fundamental movements and leave the enthusiast thinking that they have done all the work.


Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment By Valor

The Power rack supports free weight training using a Barbell. Training with free weights is the most effective type of training since it engages several different muscles and provides a full body workout. Read more to know about exercise bikes .

This amazing power rack by Valor not only meets all the criteria of being a superb power rack but also comes with a lat down attachment so that you users can target their lats and back better. Some of the best features of this power rack are:

  • Valor Athletics® BD-7 power rack
  • 2″ x 2″ main frame
  • Four 8″ plate storage pegs
  • 4 solid steel chrome adjustable-weight bar supports
  • 2 solid steel squat safety bars

Apart from the above mentioned features, this power rack also comes with a pull-up bar and storage for plates at the back. Assembly does not take all that long and is quite easy. This power rack measures 47 x 63.5 x 82 inches and weighs 89 pounds. It is a decent size, but users should make sure that they have ample space for installation before they order. While allocating space for this power rack, users should account for ample space surrounding the rack as well, if exercising outside the rack is a preference.


There are a number of exercises that you can perform with this Power Rack. Not only can you perform the big 5 movements of weight lifting: the bench press, squat, dead lift, overhead press and the barbell row, you can even do pull ups, handing leg raise and target your lats with the lat attachment to achieve better definition on your back. The Power Rack offers a complete body workout that helps build and lose weight at the same time.