About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

My name is C.J., and I’m a veterinary by profession. Growing there were two things I loved; animals and playing outside with my brother and friends. Quite simply my love for animals eventually grew into my profession, and the playing outside evolved into mountain biking and weight lifting.

If you knew me growing up, you could almost predict what shape my life or career would take. As a kid I was hugely passionate about animals and so as you can imagine I pestered my parents into keeping at least a few. Which wasn’t that hard, since my mom was a huge animal lover as well. We had a couple of dogs: two great days, a white lab, a Saint Bernard (at some point), a husky and a pug. We also had a Persian cat that had the most beautiful coat and eyes, a hamster, fish, several kinds of parrots and birds, a turtle and for a while there I wanted a panda as well. Yeah, home was a veritable zoo. I would take care of each of them and knew their habits, patterns and nature pretty damn well. I guess I never really looked at animals as most people do, even as a kid I considered them my equals in many ways and this attitude towards them helped me learn so much more and care for them better.

Besides, take care of pets I also loved mountain biking the rough country and downhill terrains we had not too far from home. I would often take one of my dogs with me and bike the whole day. I loved the feeling of being on my own with nothing but my bike, the wilderness and my dog. On long weekends, I would often take pack some food and camping gears and head out. Although life has gotten more hectic since my younger years, I still make time at least once a month or once every two months to go mountain biking and camp. It keeps me fit as well as takes away all my stress. Some people drink and smoke, I bike, lift and look after animals. It is truly therapeutic.

Through this blog, I hope to share some of my experiences and inspire you guys to choose healthy alternatives to stay fit, inspired and young. You will find lots of mountain bike reviews, as well as weight lifting equipment reviews and tons of tips on how to lead a more adventurous and exciting life.

Feel free to drop me a message whenever you want.

Cheers guys,