Top 6 benefits of using a rowing machine

In this 21st century, a man faces various types of diseases and problems related to health. Out of these various diseases, obesity is a disease that is very common. We can easily find many different aged people with more weight almost in every country. They try many types of exercises using several types of exercising equipment for losing weight. A rowing machine is wonderful exercise equipment that provides the excellent cardio workout. The rowing machine is very safe, effective and convenient to use. The reason behind so much popularity of this incredible exercise machine is the vast number of benefits it provides.

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Six benefits of using a Rowing machine

  1. Burn Adequate calories – On a statistic, it has been proved that rowing for 30 minutes burns about 200 calories. It means that if a person regularly uses the rowing machine for a month, he can burn about 6000 calories that seem quite a significant number. Burning of calories takes place at a rapid pace because of more contraction and expansion of muscles. The muscles of abdomen, arms and legs receive maximum benefits from various exercises of a rowing machine. Thus, one can get rid of extra calories by simply using the rowing machine
  2. Better functioning of Cardiovascular system – When a person uses a rowing machine, he receives effective increase in his heartbeat. This increase in the heart beat helps in more efficient blood circulation and improves his health status. Also various cardiac muscles strengthen a lot by performing an effective rowing. Due to all this things, the complete cardiovascular system of a person performs in a better way, and he gets free from several types of diseases.
  3. Build muscles – Rowing involves a particular technique that uses all upper and lower body muscles. A tremendous amount of impact is required to be carried by these various muscles so as to perform effective rowing. Due to this excessive stress, the fibres of the muscles get damaged. Then various types of nutrients, hormones and vitamins are used in repairing of muscle fibres. These nutrients and vitamins along with repairing also build the important muscles. The so much of mass is also added to various muscles. Thus, there is so much strengthening of several muscles is achieved by using the rowing machine.
  4. Tone muscles – It is very common that one can acquire effective muscle toning from the rowing machine because of involvement of so many muscles in a particular rowing activity. Rowing throws away the thick layers deposited on the muscles and helps muscle regain their natural shape. The legs, shoulders, arms, back region, abdomen and shoulders receive fantastic toning. This means that all body of an individual gets properly toned.
  5. Reduce stress – Yes, the rowing machine also helps in reducing stress and makes a person feel more energetic and fresh. Serotinin is a hormone that is secreted by various types of rowing exercise. This wonderful hormone helps in improvement of mood and alleviation of stress. Also, exercise makes you feel more confident and increase your personality and aims. Thus, rowing machine helps in getting rid of several negative thoughts and provides wonderful exercises.
  6. Convenient machine – The rowing machine is the very user-friendly machine. You can continue workout on this machine without caring for outside weather. So there can be no disturbance in regular workout schedule. A person who has various ankle and knee problems can also use this machine and acquire various benefits.


In summary, a rowing machine is an excellent machine that provides the effective aerobic workout. A person can not only burn effective calories by using the rowing machine but can also reduce the huge amount of stress from his head. Moreover, he can build effective muscle strength and have a better function of cardiovascular system. No doubt, the rowing machine is one of the best equipment presents in the gym for maintaining the fantastic shape of the body.

Mountain Bikes vs Indoor cycles

Cycling is an awesome pastime and a great form of exercise. Whether you choose to cycle indoors or outdoors, you’re still reaping immense benefits. However, there are many obvious differences between the indoor cycling experience and the outdoor cycling or mountain biking experience. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of both indoor and outdoor cycling.

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The Pros and Cons of Mountain biking and Indoor Cycling

If you’re a cycling enthusiast, chances are that you love cycling outdoors, but you might also like to keep and indoor cycle for a rainy day or just to get in some extra practice. When you cycle on a bike outdoors, resistance to your pedaling comes in the form of wind resistance, the friction of tires on the road, the mechanical energy required to turn the wheels, and the terrain. You can read a very detailed article on mountain bike reviews here.

Some indoor exercise bikes use friction for resistance as well. The best indoor cycling machines utilize magnetic resistance along with a heavy flywheel. Because of this consistency and the nature of user-controlled resistance, different muscle groups are affected when using an indoor cycle as opposed to an outdoor bicycle. Read more to know about power rack with lat attachment .

Mountain Biking on cross country trails which have many ups and downs as well as biking outdoors on the road uses more muscles and so burns more overall calories than an indoor bike over a given period of time. Biking outdoor also has its own charm that is not available to an indoor biking session. When you’re cycling through scenic routes with the wind in your face and all the sounds of nature around you, you lose track of your exercise for many moments and develop an intimate connection with your surroundings. It’s a whole different experience from sitting inside the comfort of your living room or garage and just pedaling away. However, indoor biking does have its advantages, even though it may not offer the same thrill that mountain biking offer.


During a typical indoor cycling class, such as spinning, it is common for participants to maintain a heart rate 75 to 95 percent of the maximum, which is very good. However, this mostly due to the motivation from a good instructor and the competitive atmosphere that is created with peers in the class. If you’re cycling alone in your house, you may or may not find the same levels of motivation to cycle close to your peak heart rate. Nonetheless, indoor bikes do provide a great platform to get in an awesome workout while doing what you love. Spin bikes are cheap and one of the best choice of people who likes to spend time at home. So you can buy the spin bikes by reading the latest reviews online.

Serious cyclists and professional cyclists can easily get their heart rate as high and even higher than those in a cycling class. But most recreational cyclists are not in to paddle as they hard as they can for as they can. They would rather enjoy the experience and paddle when required or when they want to rather than paddle hard the whole time. For this reason, a recreational cyclist may not get as a hard as a workout as someone in a spin class.


Another advantage of cycling outdoors is that the perceived exertion of exercise is lower because the mind is occupied with the thrill of the experience and so the cyclist might not realize how hard he has paddled till he stops for rest. This can translate in greater benefits from training as opposed to indoor cycling. You can also avail the mountain bikes under different pricing according to your requirements.


You’re going to get a great workout with both indoor and outdoor and cycling. If you’re not into hard outdoor riding and have to deal with lots of traffic, riding a stationary bike is likely a better choice. However, if you’re committed to becoming a serious outdoor cyclist and have lots of open country around you, cycling outdoors get you best results.