The 5 Best Beginner’s Exercises To Do At Home

Who do not want the best type of results with utmost easiness? People who think that only costly machines can help in losing weight are certainly wrong. No doubt machines provide splendid results, but people can also maintain their fitness without these costly devices. Today, a person not having very high money can also think of strengthening the core and make the attractive body shape.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fitness instructor, some exercises definitely offer marvelous results. For these exercises, you do not waste extra money or go to any other places. Want to know about them? Well, here are 7 best beginner’s exercises that can easily be performed at home:

  1. Press ups

Press ups

Most of the people call this exercise as push-ups. The position in which hands and shoulders are placed apart, and a straight line from head to heels is formed can be called as push-ups. If you think that beginner cannot perform accurate push-ups consistently then you are pretty wrong. One can start these low-intensity pushups by taking help from other professionals and move to high-intensity workouts after practising continuously for a week. This move provides maximum growth of entire body muscles especially abs and the core.

  1. Skipping


This easy workout also helps in burning a vast amount of calories. Simply by jumping over the rope, you can lose tons of weight. As much as 350kilo calories can be burned by performing skipping continuously for 30 minutes. Instead of costly machines, one also needs to purchase a decent rope for performing this exercise. No matter what is the size and weight, a person can surely use the rope and lose effective weight.

  1. Dumbbell Squats

Dumbbell Squats

You must be aware of squat, a strength training exercise. When squats are performed by using the dumbbell, they provide much more benefits. One can easily perform this exercise by holding the dumbbell in hands and incline time and again for 5 times. During this exercise, a person needs to focus on his/her knees, keep the head straight and straighten legs. According to requirements, you can select specific weight dumbbell and perform several workouts.

  1. Plank


Just like push-ups, we also have one strength building exercise, plank. This is the best exercise for improving the posture and sculpting the waistline. For performing the plank, you need to engage your core by using the belly and spine. After aligning shoulders and ankles in a straight line, hold this position for one minute. Repeat this activity for five times and you are done with the plank exercise. Along with the core, this exercise also works on abdominal muscles.

  1. Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Swings

This exercise works on the entire body. Whether a person is a beginner or an experienced trainer, he/she can easily become the master of this activity. A person only needs to the aligning chest in the upward direction and use the kettlebell. Then make the swinging movement. Repeat the entire activity for 5 times. This exercise strengthens the chest, biceps, and the abdomen. A beginner must use moderate weight tool for performing this exercise.


It is not necessary to go to the gym for starting an exercise program. A beginner can make the wonderful shape of the body by performing several easy exercises. A person does not need to have the massive strength for performing several press-ups. Dumbbell Squats are ideal for strength training and interval training. Kettlebell Swings offer full body cardiovascular workout.