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An exercise bike is a very popular tool for performing effective workouts. The exercise bike is a very safe and convenient tool to use. Different types of exercise bikes have been designed according to person’s height, weight, size and budget. So, an individual may choose a particular bike that suits his or her body and then start exercising. Many benefits can be achieved by riding an exercise bike. On the other hand, there are also some limitations of this particular bike in comparison to other exercise tools.


Types Of Exercise Bikes

  1. Recumbent Bike – The recumbent bikes involves a reclined body position for performing the operation. These bikes have larger seats and pedals positioned in front of the body. Using this bike continuously for the longer period, a person can reduce fatigue and perform efficiently. These bikes are comfortable for the people who have lower back problems. There is no need of bending your head or back because of the presence of naturally comfortable seats in these bikes.
  2. Upright Bike – The second type of bikes i.e. upright bikes need an upright position of the body for performing exercises. These bikes are designed with smaller seats and pedals placed under the body. A person enjoys cycling in inclined body position in these bikes, and so produces tiredness. These bikes are less comfortable for the people who have neck pain issues. Also, the more resistance of these bikes makes them less attractive bikes.

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Pros Of Exercise Bikes

  1. The exercise bikes are much cheaper than treadmills or ellipticals and cost around $600.
  2. The persons who have knee or back pain problems can easily use exercise bikes as these bikes offer very less impact.
  3. Riding an exercise bike is an aerobic exercise that provides energy and makes the heart and lungs function better.
  4. A person can read a book or a magazine and can also use the exercise bike and maintain the fitness of the body.
  5. The monitor used on the bikes helps to track your daily progress and make you aware that how much more you have to do for excellent results.
  6. Exercise bikes can also be used inside the home there is a bad weather out. Also, you can use these bikes at any time no matter whether it is day or night.
  7. A person can perform interval workouts using the exercise bike and get the best results as well.
  8. There is no need of wearing a helmet or being extra aware of your surroundings while using an exercise bike, since you will be cycling indoors. Here you can also read about mountain bikes .

Cons Of Exercise Bike

  1. Riding an exercise bike burns fewer calories than running on a treadmill as in comparison to 236 calories burned using the treadmill only 148 calories are burned by using an exercise bike.
  2. The exercise bike does not offer bone building benefits as a person is in sitting position while exercising on it.
  3. The exercise bikes only provide fitness to your lower body muscles, unlike ellipticals that offer full body workouts.
  4. Sitting down on an uncomfortable seat of an exercise bike is not liked by many persons.
  5. Sometimes the monitor would not be working properly and giving inaccurate readings.
  6. There is less amount of resistance that is on offer by exercise bikes over treadmills.
  7. The exercise bikes are steady bikes and allow activities with almost no resistance so a person is not able to make good muscle strength and cannot take the experience of exercising in hills.
  8. Sometimes exercising on a bike can be a boring activity as the scene never changes.


Some Tips for using an exercise bike –

  1. Select a bike that suits you best according to your size, height, weight and some pains.
  2. Adjust the seat properly before exercising.
  3. Adjust the pedal straps properly.
  4. Try to use both toes and feet for pedalling.
  5. Make a proper schedule and exercise according to it.


In summary, an exercise bike is a fantastic machine for carrying out various exercises. Different bikes have their characteristics and so are beneficial for different persons. Any individual may use an exercise bike and burn calories, but as only lower body muscles are used in riding these bikes, they will burn fewer calories as compared to treadmills or ellipticals.

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