Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

The power rack is perhaps the most complete and powerful muscle building tool on the market. Now, you might be sitting back and wondering what in the world is a power rack? If you are pondering that question, well then, you’re about to be enlightened about the all time favorite muscle building tool of all legendary body builders and power lifters in the history of competitive lifting and body building. Power racks have been around since the old days of body building when the gym was a place of grit and grim and there were very few machines available.

Today, gyms are a whole different ball game. The power rack is mostly absent from several modern gyms and in its place the smith machine (or Smithsonian machine) has gained popularity. Perhaps the foremost reason for this change is the modern fitness enthusiasts aversion to the concept of “no pain, no gain” and his unshakable attachment to comfort and the short-cut to success. The entire fitness industry, which has grown exponentially over the past few decades has shaped a new idea of fitness and crafted new machines that mimic fundamental movements and leave the enthusiast thinking that they have done all the work.


Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment By Valor

The Power rack supports free weight training using a Barbell. Training with free weights is the most effective type of training since it engages several different muscles and provides a full body workout. Read more to know about exercise bikes .

This amazing power rack by Valor not only meets all the criteria of being a superb power rack but also comes with a lat down attachment so that you users can target their lats and back better. Some of the best features of this power rack are:

  • Valor Athletics® BD-7 power rack
  • 2″ x 2″ main frame
  • Four 8″ plate storage pegs
  • 4 solid steel chrome adjustable-weight bar supports
  • 2 solid steel squat safety bars

Apart from the above mentioned features, this power rack also comes with a pull-up bar and storage for plates at the back. Assembly does not take all that long and is quite easy. This power rack measures 47 x 63.5 x 82 inches and weighs 89 pounds. It is a decent size, but users should make sure that they have ample space for installation before they order. While allocating space for this power rack, users should account for ample space surrounding the rack as well, if exercising outside the rack is a preference.


There are a number of exercises that you can perform with this Power Rack. Not only can you perform the big 5 movements of weight lifting: the bench press, squat, dead lift, overhead press and the barbell row, you can even do pull ups, handing leg raise and target your lats with the lat attachment to achieve better definition on your back. The Power Rack offers a complete body workout that helps build and lose weight at the same time.

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