Trampoline Vs. Rebounder: what’s the difference?

Rebounders usually called mini trampolines. The main factor which makes both differ from each other is shape and functions. Rebounders are smaller than a trampoline. People prefer trampoline for exercises such as acrobatics, stunts, gymnastic and rebounders are used for aerobic exercise. Same as a trampoline, rebounder also made with a steel frame. Rebounder does not bounce as perfect as a trampoline, and due to smaller in size, only one person can fit on a rebounder. The rebounder is ideal for light jumping and Trampoline delivers the highest bouncing experience. There are so many differences which make Trampoline differ from rebounder, so let us check all the differences between them.


Any age group can use a rebounder, and it is suitable for performing small movement exercise. You can perform jumping jacks, twists, running in place. ┬áIt is a small equipment that can fit in your house, lawn, garden and terrace also. In today’s busy life, we don’t get enough time for exercise and watching the morning news but think once that you are watching the news while doing your regular exercise on a rebounder. The Smart option, isn’t it? That means you are getting knowledge of current affairs, along with making yourself healthier. A distinct variety of health benefits is associated with rebounding exercise.

Benefits of Rebounding

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Boost lymphatic drainage
  • Improve digestion and lung function
  • Help in increasing bone density

Size and shape

Rebounders are smaller in size and lower in height and built for one person. It is about two to four feet in diameter. Rebounders are available in Circular to a rectangular shape, but circular shape rebounders are the first choice for buyers.

Safety purpose

Rebounders are safe because it is close to the ground, so if you lose balance, and fall then there is a little chance of getting injured. The rebounder is not for massive jumping so it is also an added advantage that you don’t need to worry about falling and you can easily get in since it is close to the ground.


Rebounders don’t need much technical support, and they are easy to maintain. You can shift it anywhere according to your preference and once you bought it, after that you don’t need to splurge money in installation and to hire a professional for installing it, unlike trampoline.


One can use trampolines for jumping exercises. Trampolines are designed for gardens and larger areas. Since they are bigger in size, they need extra maintenance. Two types of trampolines are competitive and recreational. It is best for performing acrobatic. Kids mostly use trampolines. Multiple people can workout together on the trampoline.

Benefits of trampoline

  • Improve mental health
  • Help in increasing metabolism
  • Lose weight in a fun way
  • Improve the functioning of immune system
  • Increase oxygen circulation

Size and shape

Trampolines are available in so many shapes from circular to rectangular and oval to square, but circular shape trampolines are in mostly used due to its circular shape it provides the right bounce. It is usually being 3-4 feet above the ground and comes in 5-6 feet in diameter size.

Safety purpose

Trampolines can be dangerous because it is 3-4 feet above the ground and it provides a good bounce so chances of falling is a major concern while performing in trampoline. Kids mostly use it, so it is necessary for parents to take care of their children from not getting injured. You have to take the support of a ladder to get in trampoline.


Trampolines take extra maintenance. You may need the expert for installing it since it is bigger in size so you can’t move it from one place to other. There is also a risk of getting rust in rainy days. So you also take extra care of your trampoline on rainy days.


Trampoline and rebounder both have their functions and benefits. The most important thing is, for what purpose you need it because they both possess different qualities. Rebounders are good for one person, and it can shift anywhere, and on the other hand, trampolines are perfect for multiple people, and since it is bigger in size, you can install it in your garden. Rebounder comes in a range of starting $30 to $700, and trampoline comes in a range of $100 to $1000. Both provide health benefits in their ways. So stay healthy and fit by opting either trampoline or rebounder.

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